“Sleep Sounds HQ has more than 600 natural and city sounds for travelers who need more than a bed to get to sleep.”CNN Travel

Sleep Sounds HQ

Fall asleep fast

Trouble sleeping?

Fall asleep fast and get the rest you need with Sleep Sounds HQ.

Instantly relax your overactive mind, and fall asleep in minutes with over 600 soothing sounds from around the world. Sleep deeply and wake up fresh and energized.

600+ high-quality natural sounds

Sleep Sounds HQ gives you immediate access to a massive catalog of high-quality, naturally recorded sounds. Much better than synthetic sounds and short repetitive loops, these are real-world sounds with all the richness, texture, and nuance of the natural environment.


Imagine falling asleep to soft rain on a Bali rice terrace, rhythmic waves on a Portuguese pebble beach, soothing waterfalls in the Swiss Alps, a babbling Grand Canyon stream, evening crickets in the Australian outback, a warm crackling campfire, rustling fall leaves, enchanting wind chimes, or wandering highland sheep.

Or … if you prefer the steady hum of ‘white noise’, fall asleep to the rhythm of a train rumbling through the Thai countryside, the drone of a Dutch highway, a working flour mill, dishwashers and spinning washing machines, or pure white, pink, and brown noise.

You will fall asleep fast and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

What’s more…

Sleep Sounds HQ can be used anytime you need to block out the outside world:

  • Increase your ability to focus and be creative at work by removing distractions.
  • Soothe your baby or small children and create a peaceful sanctuary for you and your family.
  • Transform your hotel room into a familiar sleep oasis by blocking out noisy neighbors, ice machines, and elevator doors.
  • Create a calm and tranquil environment for meditation and yoga.

Download Sleep Sounds HQ now to fall asleep fast and get the rest you need.